Bible Book of the Month


Lesson # 2

"Jonah Running To God"


            TEXT:  Jonah Chapter 2:1-10

       Read the second chapter of Jonah and notice the textual comments
     below and write out the answers to the questions before class time. 
     [Review chapter one.]

     TEXT  Jonah 2:1-10

     2:     The Psalm of Thanksgiving
            This prayer speaks of deliverance already expressed, and 
                 is Jonah's thanks to God from not letting him drown. 

         No one could have known these personal things except the
              prophet himself.  This speaks for Jonah's authorship.

     2:10   The fish did everything on schedule as appointed.

         QUESTION:  Where was Jonah cast out?

          Questions over Chapter Two

     1.     Jonah _____________ unto the Lord from the fish's belly.

     2.     For what is Jonah thankful in chapter 2?
     3.     What does "belly of hell" (2:2) mean?
     4.     What is Jonah talking about in verses 2 - 9 ?
     5.     Did "for ever" of verse 6 literally mean eternity?

     6.     How did Jonah get to dry land again?
     7.     How does the Lord use this incident of Jonah and the fish in
                 Matthew 12:39ff?
  	                                                      -- Windell Gann
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