LESSON #1               9/04/88                   TEACHER'S NOTES

* TEACHERS, Be sure to read the "Background Sheet".

There is a lot of application that can be made to us today from these Old Testament lessons. We are not studying just to know the "facts" of Obadiah, but to learn truths and principles that will be useful to us today – so always feel free to apply these lessons and use event which come to your mind to illustrate them.

The Key Lesson is about the dangers of pride and how destructive it is. Both nationally, and individually.

READ IN CLASS Verses 1-9.

Lesson #1 is about the attitude that doomed Edom.

Lesson #2 will be about the activity that doomed Edom.

Q-1 Our fortifications will only be good for as long as we are a decent god-fearing nation.

Q-2 We are polluting our air and water. In many places we seem to be running out of water. We are destroying our forest with fires, etc, using up many natural resources.

Q-3 We as the US hardly know which nations we can count on to help us. Probably very few!!!

    Individually, in time of trouble, who would come to help us? Family? friends? Members of the church?

Point: We need to trust in God!!

Q-4 A nation may be a world-leader in "science" but it can be brought down (by a surprising or unusually or unexpected kind of war, internal strife, plague, famine, etc.)

Q-5 We can only count on God!

Q-6 The lesson is that even a great and well prepared army cannot save a nation if the Lord is determined to bring it down. Examples: Gideon with 300 against the Midianites when they numbered 180,000. Or David and Goliath.

    Numbers are nothing to God.