Bible Book of the Month -- OBADIAH



Text: Obadiah 10-14*

(Most commentaries and outlines break the paragraph at v.14 but I would prefer, and you may also to break it at 16.)

AIM. To point out that unbrotherly conduct has been and is today unacceptable to God.


1. We must not be indifferent and unconcerned about the troubles of others.

2. We must not rejoice at the misfortunes of others.

3. Sin is progressive (Teachers, point this out and you want want to refer to a previous lesson in Psalms 1.)

Q-1 Minor prophets.

Q-2 These terms refer to the length of the book only, not to importance.

Q-3 (Try to provoke good discussion here.)

Q-4 Because it has no room for God in our lives. It makes us feel self-sufficient.

Q-4(b) Edom and Jacob were "brother" nations because they descended from twin brothers.

Q-5 Our law refers to this as being an accomplice, or ....

Q-6 (Should get a good variety of answers)

Q-7 (Try to good a good discussion here.)

Q-8 One would be the Good Samaritan.

Q-9 See vs. 15 & 16. She would be cut off.

TEACHERS: You may want to make out some additional questions before class to ask in case you have extra time.